is happy to provide a sample / suggested chef job description. Feel free to cut and paste any sample description into the job description box on the “Post a Job” form. Companies who provide detailed descriptions and selling points about their opportunity are more likely to receive targeted quality candidates.


Overall Responsibilities: Responsibilities vary but generally include the preparation, seasoning, and cooking of salads, soups, fish, meats, vegetables, desserts, and / or other foods. May also be involved in pricing menu items, and ordering, maintaining, and inventorying supplies.

Chef Experience:  Previous work experience as a chef or sous chef is required for this position. Education from a culinary school is a big plus.

Chef Job Details:

  • Strong knowledge of sanitation practices.
  • Ability to effectively work and / or manage all employees including FOH and BOH.
  • Maintain schedule for kitchen staff.
  • Chop, prepare, weigh, measure, and successfully prepare a variety of foods using various equipment.
  • Ability to train, teach and mentor others on quality practices.
  • Develop standard recipes and techniques for food preparation and presentation.
  • Establish food requirements and food costs.
  • Responsible for making sure food is presented and displayed successfully.
  • May visit dining area.

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