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Overall Responsibilities: Take orders and serve food and beverages to customers. Greet customers with a happy and enthusiast attitude.

Waitress/Waiter Experience: No prior experience is required for this position.

Waitress/Waiter Job Details:

  • Greet customers with a happy and enthusiast attitude.
  • Present menus and answer questions about menu items as well as make recommendations and communicate any daily specials.
  • Write food and drink orders on slips, memorize, or enter in to a computer system for transmittal to kitchen staff. Effectively communicate with kitchen staff.
  • Serve food and beverages to customers.
  • Confirm orders are complete and well-presented before serving to customers.
  • Check with customers to ensure that they are enjoying their meals and correct any problems.
  • Prepare checks and collect and process payments from customers.
  • Feel comfortable checking identification to ensure guests meet age requirements for consumption of alcoholic beverages.
  • Keep table presentation clean throughout the dining experience.
  • Roll silverware, set up food stations, and / or set up dining areas.

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  • Leave drama, bad moods and personal issues at the door.
  • Try not to get involved in work politics. Avoid trash talking your boss or other employees to your colleagues. In the end, they will find out!
  • Just relax, people are there to enjoy themselves. You should too.
  • Never ask the customer for a bigger tip.
  • Try to befriend fellow colleagues – they may be able to help you if they’re friendlier with you!
  • Always exhibit respect to all your customers.
  • Communicate well with other staff to make the experience more pleasurable and easier.
  • Ring in your appetizers first. Then enter the drinks and entrees. Your appetizers will be hot and out minutes after you serve them their drinks.
  • Don’t pressure costumers onto buying things they don’t want, they will get irritated if you do so.



  • Never brag about your tips in front of other waiting staff.
  • Never count your tips in front of the customers.
  • Do not reach over one customer to serve another. If the setting is informal and you have no other choice, at least say “excuse my reach”.

*Tips and Warnings taken from How To Become A Great Waitress.  Read the full article — 4 Methods To Becoming A Great Waitress.  Earn more tips as a Waitress / Waiter / Server — How To Earn More Tips as a Waiter or Waitress.